HELP Restoration Services

We are one of the few remediation companies that also does full restoration and reconstruction, acting as your liaison with your insurance company throughout the entire process.

When Something Goes Wrong . . .
Ask for HELP!

We had a fire in our home, and we couldn’t be happier with the results! After a fire destroyed our home, we called for HELP to come assess the damage. Mike Fedele helped us every step of the way. His expertise in planning created us a beautiful home. His eye for detail enabled him to add things to our home that we would have never thought of doing.
Sue D.
Our contractor suggested that we call HELP Restoration Services to take care of the problem. Mike Fedele came immediately to assess the situation and begin the remediation. He explained everything that had to be done and worked well with the adjustor from our insurance company.
Gary D.
HELP Restoration is the best! Mike, who I didn’t know, came out to help me immediately and even came in the small window of time that I asked him to (we were heading to a funeral when we had our flood). Not only did he, Keith and the rest of the crew come out immediately, but they cleaned up all the water, sprayed to avoid molding, helped removed all the damaged items
Richard F.
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